'Rocket fuel, gyro rudder steer, engine mixing sphere on top of bigger Roy Kinnear - Wikipedia'.

'Nine, nine, Saturn nine, schnell, nine'.


nasa future

nasa future

Previous effort:

saturn 9

saturn nine

This site is a script development module for the play 'Rockidd' about Wernher von Braun - Wikipedia and the space race.

Influence Mel Brooks - Wikipedia 'Spring time in Germany for shitler'.

Any good Schnells for script please email

Module; construct story line brush strokes of


Found footage Python splat 'Time-Squash theory' 'Rumbled' as in 'They done a Rumbelows' (got the Trumps in).

'The Sweeney Todd' Flying squad and 'The Rumbelows'.

As in mid engined, inner widened wheels with cheap hub caps, Ford Transit LWB HRT 4X4 reason abilities, mmmbh vape nico-logic,

relax body, stimulate mind Detective's choice Mmmmmmbh wabooh aaaaah relax nicotine.

MI5 Rumbellows

yardy 95



james may

Time-Squash Theory Results :


Matthau Foghorn Matuschanskayasky book cover 1952.

time squash theory

time-squash theory


Time squash from




time-squash dallas

time-squash Dallas

Dom and Dommer concept :



Too controversial, too exciting, too most excellent to imagine... A4 300dpi on FB, 96dpi below, please use images as copyright free.

These two images were not obvious to the eye, some how infra red cancelling out ultra violet leaving shadows on the camera sensor ?

I have an infra red face light to kill bacteria and a battery glass tube ultraviolet light, my work then was trying to iconise observations and

just experiment with both invisible ends of the spectrum and obviously near invisible red and blue, only green missing for full colour like TV screens.

It was sore on eyes like strong lights but fun, Near Buffy now, then Time-squash, Sasquatch Godlee and cream episode.

Sarah Michelle Gellar doing Irish coffee mornings with Alyson Hannigan, a vape awareness mmmbhwabo.

Buffy now, in front of screen, turned sideways, full body shot work outs, also good for watching TV in bed or lying on sofa, oh yeah, Tablet PC's, Doh !,

then Britney Spears - Wikipedia Roy Kinnears, so I tell her it wasn't cheating if I didn't mean it, I thought it was her, alcohol like spirits evapourate over night if opened etc.


Solution : 2 TVs Wa ha ha haagh cough.

Just like the golden olden daze of my youth when things where just right Yeerrrum. Doze.


Suddenly, life has new meaning to me = Gwen Stefani - Wikipedia I know she could,


was her step Mom Madonna?


Just for fun with a local corner shop top shelf placement :

witch magazine

Belly laugh format for play ? Holy Grail by Monty Python script.:


Who's left to do a Godly and Cream video like 'face merge' to 'time-squash age merge time line with key memories for posterity direction'.

Maybe iconise someone as an art thing say 'Best Bono abstract painting, filmed 1.5 hours say ?

Mix with laughing gas, maybe just a mild tap pipeline leak going from boot to engine in a parked car, engine on, or something.

How was I to know that might happen OFFICER ? People just falling about laughing, and nobody knew why ?

The Peter Sellers Pink panther dentist gas melt nose scene ?

Knights that say N.I. branch off point shrubbery !

Looking for Elvis's favorite movie 'The Holy Grail' in Grace land's cinema shot with Elvis there watching it ? Any clues ?



Redo the ending time-squash pre millennium Woody's 'Sleeper' film future car instead of then new Rover P6 ?

sleeper car memory

sleeper car


Noughtiloss the dyslexic black ops submarine :

Improvised locked in sub like porridge or Das boot cross Liam Neeson - Wikipedia and that Buck Rodgers on Star Wars what's his face,

Red Baron Biplane Golf Course L.A. controlled slice landing, a nice slice like on it's knees saying 'Sorry Boss',

yeagh him that did nazi face melt trunk of funk, A Warehouse 13 again, Oh Yeagh Harrison Ford - Wikipedia.

Yeagh it's RAVE ONN Conservative PARTY & Labour PARTY too MMXXII


Boris Johnson - Wikipedia breaks free !

Via front door, through near invisible dog flap, on hands and knees, to run feral Bagpuss style old Camden Town - Wikipedia way, knees up knackering.

Tickety boo Pearly Kings and Queens - Wikipedia's sway give Boris jacket say ? Pedestrianised high streets, beer Keller's on pavement and roads,

not just Camden with golf carts that have trailers with seats or Butlin's trains?

Danny Boyle - Wikipedia drone orchestration wonder down gray-scale to colour tinsel sprinklings. ?

Corn ball Jason D in wonder beers Australia on tour high lights

Bagpuss Boris :

bagpuss boris

Imagine Bagpuss waiting for kid, when she opens door a full claws out facial assault then out the door and up the street to breed and feed.

bagpuss boris

Pink panther, cat woman and Bagpuss in a bar coming out of the 60's wondering if they would survive their 'Ice cold in Alex'

thoughts of things to come. Human size Bagpuss outfits required, Pink panther kid from TV car 80's ? Cat woman who ? For improvised comedy skits ?

I'm a Danny De veto Penguin baby, listen to Iron Maiden lady, lie about house and keep it friendly,

eating raw fish we have in common, sushi the dish Vitamin B12 - Wikipedia & Vitamin B6 - Wikipedia brain food baby.

Just go to the shop and get my backie, Tell em for me and go please hurry.

Then go to the offie and get my beer weights, it'll work you hard so don't you worry, just do a Rocky on steps pick up my curry.

I'm gonna walk down to hallway Leckie meter and pay them in advance now..

Well that was dull. I had expected an early SF novel about a secret race living underground to be considerably more gripping. I bought it out of curiosity because Bovril is named after it! - Wikipedia - "The first part of the product's name comes from Latin bovīnus, meaning "ox".[2] Johnston took the -vril suffix from Edward Bulwer-Lytton's then-popular novel, The Coming Race (1870), whose plot revolves around a superior race of people, the Vril-ya, who derive their powers from an electromagnetic substance named "Vril". Therefore, Bovril indicates great strength obtained from an ox.[3]". And beacuse Bulwer-Lytton wrote the famous opening "It was a dark and stormy night" - as popularised by Snoopy. I don't think I'll be rushing to read another of his books, it was all a bit of a chore.

Parallel some Jedi fans dressing up saying the 'Force' is real to Putin and being taken under his wing with science fiction novel

'vril' steam punk goths convincing shitler in his struggle with reality ?




Use the Vril Luke ?



Worthers Original for today

Catapult, used teabag, A-rab land, bum hole targeting passers by.


Mural idea for power on world stage :

Two tribes


Please any and every graphic, tailor, comedian and collager take this your own way, far too big a job for me.

Icons on the world maps, both GMT and Russia centric with Sarah Connor moment people aplenty bearing testament that war is hell on earth and the devil's playground.


English scoff 'All you ever say is onion, onion, onion, onion over and over again, bloody admit it ! you lot just made it up, didn't you, admit it'.

French retort 'Banger, banger, sausage, sausage vous et tet de pomme de ter'.

English ' Apple of earth, apple of earth, are you MAD? That's a potato, a spud. We invented it from the Americas stupid spud nickers !'

A Toyota MR2 later..

French 'Pompidoo centre Dopolos on our TV radio AM see in your wavelength journey' .

English 'Err, you been spying on us in English, so you Pompidoo know it ? The Queen's eh?

French 'Renault Fuego / Ford Capri ?'

'Les grandee expose posterior, direction generally gaseous cloud formation avec Acid House RAVE Garage bands, bedroom bands'.


World's largest portable stereo ?

iron maiden

Iron Maiden in Bruce Dickenson's (Lucky Bastard full on) Millennium dome plastic twin Zeppelin backlit projected

live video feed of on deck manoeuvres in the dark London M25 tour, full band on craft with 'Apocalypse now' speakers of the Huey chopper

oh ho ho, te hee thsph waaaaaaah

bruce zeppelin

From memory Dickenson's Twin Zeppelin was a British draught taken up and developed for assessment by USA Army Airforce,

rejected then brought back to a Bongo Leprechaun St.Oat , sorry Bruce.

He should get the British Army to adopt it and pay for the development of the undercarriage and screens ?

Full on propaganda when your out for a dander.

Could use it, rebodied to stage an alien invasion in isis lands ?


brexit france

V.1.1 Pulse jet, suck valve pop doodlebug, worry when engine stops & take cover, Gyro and wings, back to sender ?

'The more it changes the more it stays the same' business ethic.

Monty python's Holy Grail scene with French pomme de terre potatoisms.




Drones :


Another script Buffy, volume 1 number 1 to 6 episodes. 'She was drunk one night in Soho, honest Governer' said one.

V.R. future :

I had a BT business directory on a CD back in '99 that I could not crack for the company database, except by concept, reverse engineer, Roy Kinnear.

It was an O.S. software combo locked window on the screen for index data retrieval.

I thought some sort of OCR video feed from the screen with A.I. typing and auto data retrieval for say sale to those needing the crack, obviously never got around to it.

Maybe Rumbelows just do it all ?


Same idea with a keyboard instead of game controller, colour reality and gray scale augmented and full VR ?

Periscope mirrors of hands view, old school analogue solution to people going mad on covid restrictions ?

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